AIO Exchange API

Ultimate cryptocurrency connectivity

AIO Exchange offers connectivity to data from over 16 different exchanges. The API supports aggregated and batch calls, allowing data to be queried simultaneously from multiple exchanges. All exchange data (regardless of the source) is provided in our AIO types allowing API connectors to implement just one call for all exchanges. This will also allow to increase our list of connected exchanges without requiring new API calls.


Version: 2.0.0

Last Updated: 09/04/2022

Request More Access

AIO Exchange API has 140+ different API calls and endpoints. We will be adding more publicly available endpoints as we progress through our alpha and beta testing, for now we are providing some of our most aggregated calls to raise publicity through the impressive abstraction of AIO Exchange. If you'd like to gain early access to the world's most powerful cryptocurrency aggregation API, contact us directly at or via We'd love you to become a part of our future.

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